Bring Data Documentation Standards to your Organization

The DDI Workshop enables you to start using the DDI standard for documenting statistical data.

The Data Standard

Participants learn about the types of data DDI is built to document, the origin of the standard, and the standard's relationship with other standards.

Storing DDI

Learn different ways of storing, indexing, and finding standardized data documentation.

Integrate existing data

Learn techniques for migrating legacy data formats into DDI format, and for integrating existing systems with standards-based representations.


Learn how to use Colectica tools for working with DDI.

Hands-on development

Developers can learn how to create programs that use DDI.

The DDI Developer Workshop is aimed at developers who wish to create programs that use DDI 3. The workshop consists of in-depth discussion of the DDI 3 standard, development patterns that allow developers to implement standard-conforming applications, and tools that are available to increase development productivity.

This course can be targeted toward developers working on in-house projects, those creating open source applications, or those creating commercial solutions. The development environment can be tailored as appropriate for the participants; possibilities include .NET, Java, Perl, and others. The workshop is applicable for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

The DDI Developer Workshop's instructors were instrumental in the creation of the DDI 3 Data Collection module, and have over eight years of DDI 3 software development experience. Participants will draw on this knowledge and learn what works - as well as what doesn't work - when developing DDI 3 software.