Colectica DDI Resolver


Colectica DDI Resolver was a free DNS SRV record-based resolution service for DDI agency identifiers, DDI URNs, and ISO/IEC 11179 Part 6 International Registration Data Identifiers (11179 IRDIs). The Colectica DDI Resolver enabled discovery of web services and data services provided by an agency. Once a client had discovered the location of one of these services, it could query and interact with the service.

Adoption by DDI Alliance

The DDI Alliance has adopted the previous Colectica DDI Resolver system to create the DDI Agency Registry. The registry software and client libraries are all available under an open source license. You can find more information and register agency identifiers at

Agency Management

An agency is an organization responsible for maintaining data or metadata. The Colectica DDI Resolver, now the DDI Registry, enables discovery of data-related services provided by an agency, including:

Free Service

For more detailed information and to use Colectica Resolver, now hosted by the DDI Alliance as the DDI Registry, simply visit