One Survey Specification. Many Outputs.

Colectica Questionnaires is a survey specification creator. Surveys designed with Colectica Questionnaires can be published in multiple formats.

Visual Survey Designer

Build surveys with an intuitive user experience. No programming experience required.

Question Banks

Use questions and sequences of questions from question banks and central repositories.

Multiple Outputs

From a single specification, generate PDF specifications, paper forms, Blaise 5 data capture instruments, and standardized XML.

Rapid Design Iterations

Make changes to a survey and test the results in minutes, not days. Get feedback from colleagues. No more exchanging Word documents with inconsistent formatting and information.

Standards Support

Export your data documentation to an XML file in the DDI metadata format, the standard for data documentation. Open and edit it from Colectica Designer, Colectica Express, or other DDI applications.

Link Data to Questions

Colectica also lets you document the data files that result from your surveys. Connect variable descriptions to source questions to provide full data lineage for researchers.

Colectica Questionnaires Blaise Colectica Questionnaires
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Visually design surveys
Display logic
Add custom metadata
Advanced response validation
Multiple language support

Question Banks

Reuse questions
Reuse sequences of questions


Question lists


PDF specification
Paper form
Blaise 5

Support and licensing

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