Colectica Portal

Colectica Portal is a web application, powered by Colectica Repository, which enables data and metadata publication and discovery.

To see several live portals available to the public, please see our Longitudinal and Repeated Data Portal examples.


Colectica Portal is populated with metadata by using the publish feature in Colectica Designer. Once published, a study's documentation is instantly available on through the web application.


Colectica Portal’s home page contains links to one or more studies contained in the Colectica Repository. When visiting a study’s main page the user can browse all the information in the study, including general information, data collection instruments, logical data products, and all schemes included in the study.


By entering a search query, a user is presented with a list of matching items. Each search result is linked to the item’s page, where detailed information is available.

View Items

Every item maintained by the Colectica Repository has a dedicated page. The page displays all information about the item, along with a version history.

In cases where an item is documented in more than one language, the user may choose which language or languages are displayed.


In addition to displaying the contents of any item from the Colectica Repository, the page for an item allows an authorized user to annotate the item in several ways.

Users are able to comment on items, fostering discussion and collaboration. Users can also rate items.


Colectica Portal can be configured as a public web site, or restricted only to users who have authorized accounts.

Users can be assigned one or more roles which provide different authorization levels for searching, viewing, and annotating items.

User and role management is provided by Colectica Repository.