Colectica Fusion


Colectica Fusion is a customized package of Colectica platform components, software customizations and integration, and metadata system architecture consulting.

Colectica Customization

Colectica is designed as a drop in commercial off the shelf package for statistical metadata management. Institutions that have specific collection requirements or processes that must be adhered to can receive customized versions of Colectica that implement or enforce these requirements.

Colectica Repository Federation

The Colectica Repository was designed to be easily deployed in a federated environment. Your institution may have multiple departments that wish to manage their metadata separately yet still allow for interoperability and cross referencing. Deploying Colectica Repository in a federated fashion allows for cross department or project collaboration.

Metadata System Architecture

The Metadata and Systems experts at Colectica can help an institution architect and design metadata applications to meet the needs of their users and business cases. This consulting service allows an institution to explore technologies and tools, build proof of concept systems and find the most suitable tools, technologies and design/architecture patterns for a metadata system development project.

Integrate existing systems

Many institutions currently have legacy systems implementing parts of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM). Colectica Fusion allows institutions to integrate their current systems, enabling standards-based exchange of statistical metadata. Several techniques are used to achieve integration depending on the existing architecture:

  • Wrap existing systems with web services
  • Add client access APIs for existing systems and databases to current agents and Colectica software
  • Mirroring
  • Federating existing systems for uniform access
  • Integrating into institution-wide search