Colectica Desktop applications

Feature Colectica Reader Colectica Express (discontinued) Colectica Designer
View DDI 3 metadata Yes Yes Yes
Multilevel metadata validation Yes Yes Yes
Create and edit study metadata   Yes Yes
Create and edit classifications   Yes Yes
Create and edit dataset metadata   Yes Yes
Create and edit survey questions   Yes Yes
Questionnaire designer   Yes Yes
Generate paper questionnaires   Yes Yes
Analyze questionnaires   Yes Yes
Import metadata (DDI 3, DDI 2/Nesstar)   Yes Yes
Import from SPSS, Stata, SAS   Yes Yes
Generate statistical source code   Yes Yes
Generate publishable documentation (PDF, RTF)   Yes Yes
Export to open standards (DDI 3, DDI 2)   Yes Yes
Import from Blaise® and CASES     Yes
Generate computer assisted interviewing system source code     Yes
Synchronize with Colectica Repository     Yes
Search metadata repositories     Yes
Automatic version management     Yes