The Colectica Platform

The Colectica platform consists of several software tools for viewing, creating, and managing your metadata.

Desktop Applications

Colectica Reader

Colectica Reader is a free tool to view DDI 3 metadata.

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Colectica Designer

Colectica Designer allows documenting data collection, survey specification, and dataset descriptions. It can be used with Colectica Repository in large organizations.

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Colectica Questionnaires

Colectica Questionnaires is a visual survey designer that allows you to specify a survey once, and create multiple outputs to document and collect your data.

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Colectica for Excel

Colectica for Excel brings standards-based data documentation to Excel workbooks.

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Server and Web

Colectica Repository

Colectica Repository is a centralized storage system for managing data resources, enabling multi-user workflows, and providing automatic version control.

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Colectica Portal

Colectica Portal is a web application, powered by Colectica Repository, which enables data and metadata publication and discovery.

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Colectica Workflow

Colectica Workflow Services provides a publication workflow for data documentation.

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Colectica RDF Services

Colectica RDF Services is an addin that allows querying DDI 3 as RDF using a SPARQL endpoint on top of Colectica Repository and Colectica Portal.

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Colectica Fusion

Colectica Fusion is a customized package of Colectica software and services.

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Developer Tools

Colectica Toolkit

Colectica Toolkit is a collection of command-line tools that enable batch metadata processing.

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Colectica SDK

Colectica SDK is a Software Developer's Kit that allows developers to create and process metadata with minimal effort.

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