Colectica Customization

While the Colectica platform contains many features, you may require additional functionality in order to get the most out of Colectica. The Colectica development team can add specific features or create a customized edition of the Colectica platform for your organization.

Integration with Existing Systems

If your organization has existing data and metadata systems, we can create custom bridges that enable Colectica to work with your existing data and for your existing systems to make use of data and metadata generated through Colectica. We can work with other DDI-based systems, other standards, or proprietary formats.

Import from Legacy Systems

If you have data and metadata in legacy formats that you would like migrated to Colectica’s standards-based system, we are able to develop importers that enable this.


If the Colectica user interface has not already been translated to your language, we are able to create a localized version.