We have years of experience creating software and data documentation based on open data standards. Put us to work for you.

Custom Development

Tool Development

Put the Colectica software developers to work for you.

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Survey Development

Algenta will create a computer-assisted survey instrument to your specifications.

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Metadata Services

Metadata Consulting

Learn how to generate, store, and disseminate standards-based metadata in an efficient manner.

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Metadata Preparation

Large metadata preparation projects are labor intensive. Since these projects are often done infrequently, it can be a burden for organizations to hire and train staff who will only be employed for a short period of time. Colectica’s metadata preparation services can solve this problem.

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Colectica Services

Colectica Maintenance Plans

A Colectica Maintenance Plan helps you to protect your software investment.

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Colectica Deployment

If you prefer not to deploy the Colectica Repository or client applications yourself, Colectica and its affiliates can deploy it for you.

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Colectica Customization

While the Colectica platform contains many features, you may require additional functionality in order to get the most out of Colectica.

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