Open Source Metadata Management Software

Colectica provides several Open Source software packages
for working with open standards based metadata.

Metadata Converters

The Metadata Converters project provides open source utilities that convert among various metadata formats. The first utility converts Blaise(r) source code to DDI 3. Thank you to the National Institutes of Health and the Canada Research Data Centre Network for their support in developing this utility.

Blaise to DDI Converter

The Blaise to DDI Converter creates DDI 3 metadata from Blaise source code.


The Blaise to DDI Converter creates the following DDI 3 metadata from a Blaise data model.


BlaiseToDDI.exe inputFile.bla outputFile.xml


The Metadata Converters may be used under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), an Open Source license.



Colectica DDI Agency Registry

The Colectica DDI Agency Registry allows you to deploy the DDI Registry software on your own infrastructure to run your own registry service. You might want to do this if you would like to provide your own delegation and resolution services, instead of relying on the DDI Alliance's registry service. The source code for the DDI Registry is available under the LGPL, an Open Source license.



Colectica DDI Resolver Libraries

The Colectica DDI Resolver Library for .NET and Java can be used by software developers to use the global Domain Name System (DNS) to query for information about DDI agencies. The libraries are available under the LGPL, an Open Source license.



Support, Enhancements, and Integration

We are happy to provide professional support, enhance the converters to work with your data, or help you integrate the converters into your systems. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Additional Converters

What other metadata formats would you like to convert? We are happy to hear your ideas for new converters to add to the project. Please get in touch.