Finalizing of DDI 3 at Schloss Dagstuhl

WADERN, GERMANY, Nov. 1 2007

Colectica, a leading data management consultancy, is assisting the DDI Technical Implementation Committee in finalizing version 3 of the DDI standard. The workshop titled “Further Development of the DDI XML Standard: Technical Implementation Committee Meeting”, was held at Scholl Dagstuhl, the world’s premier venue for informatics research and collaboration. Jeremy Iverson, a Senior Technical Staff Member at Colectica, said “After working for three years to add data collection documentation to DDI3, I look forward to offering my input related to other areas of the standard, as well”. The final version of the DDI3 standard should be available in the spring.

About Colectica Launched in 2010, Colectica® is the fastest way to design, document, and publish statistical research using Open Data standards. The Colectica Platform is an ideal solution for statistical agencies, survey research groups, public opinion research, data archivists, and other data centric collection operations that are looking to increase the expressiveness and longevity of the data collected through standards based metadata documentation. The company offers a range of highly specific products and services designed to give power to people through easy integration and access to data.

About the DDI Alliance

The Data Documentation Initiative is an international effort to establish a standard for technical documentation describing social science data.