Colectica Announces the Immediate Availability of Free Colectica Resolution Services

Minneapolis, MN December 21, 2009

Introducing Colectica DDI Resolver. Designed to quickly locate authoritative sources of metadata.

Colectica, a leading provider of metadata creation, documentation, management, distribution, and discovery tools, today announced the immediate availability of Colectica Resolver, the newest member of the Colectica family of programs and services. The Colectica DDI Resolver enables discovery of web services and data services provided by an agency. Once a client has discovered the location of one of these services, it can query and interact with the service.

Colectica Resolver is available at

The Colectica resolution service is built in partnership with DNS Max, a provider of directory and naming services. For over ten years, DNS Max has maintained a worldwide network of high availability name resolution servers with zero downtime. This speed and reliability is leveraged in the new Colectica Resolution Services.

Colectica also announced the launch of Colectica Resolver Library for .NET and Java. This open source library makes it easy to integrate data resolution functionality in your own applications. The Colectica Resolver Library is available at

About Colectica Colectica® is the fastest way to design, document, and publish statistical research using Open Data standards. The Colectica Platform is an ideal solution for statistical agencies, survey research groups, public opinion research, data archivists, and other data centric collection operations that are looking to increase the expressiveness and longevity of the data collected through standards based metadata documentation. The company offers a range of highly specific products and services designed to give power to people through easy integration and access to data.