Statistics Denmark Adopts Colectica's Data Documentation Software Platform

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - March 27, 2013

Statistics Denmark has adopted Colectica software and the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) metadata standard for describing its statistical processes and data quality declarations.

Colectica today announced that Statistics Denmark is adopting Colectica metadata software to support managing and describing their data using open standards. Additionally, Colectica and Statistics Denmark are announcing a set of collaborations for new metadata management user interfaces and integration of several metadata standards.

Statistics Denmark will be using Colectica Repository for managing metadata that describes their statistical information model. It will be using Colectica Designer to allow end users to precisely curate this information while preserving all provenance and version information. Additionally, it will use the Colectica SDK to create custom programs that conform to international standards. The Colectica Portal will provide a web based interface to all the information contained in the metadata.

"We are happy to be working with another National Statistics Organization to help document their data using international open metadata standards." said Jeremy Iverson, a Partner at Colectica. He continued "We also look forward to our upcoming collaboration, which will bring additional enhancements to Statistics Denmark and our other users worldwide."

We are happy to be working with another National Statistics Organization to help document their data

Jeremy Iverson, Partner at Colectica

As part of the deployment, Colectica and Statistics Denmark are cooperating on simplified user interfaces for classification and concept management, while still maintaining the precise version management that Colectica is known for. Statistics Denmark and Colectica are also collaborating on the integration of SDMX based ESS Standard for Quality Report Structure (ESQRS) with the Data Documentation Initiative's metadata standard.

Additional software tools from Colectica enable documenting of data, data collection, variables, and datasets. Colectica Repository manages changes to the recorded metadata information and allows multiple people and groups to work together on a shared central system. Colectica Portal allows for publication of this recorded information on the intranet or web. All of these products use Open Standards to allow for interoperability with other tools. Colectica products, training on Open Standards, and customized software solutions are available through

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