Colectica is Undertaking a Review of the Proposed 3.2 Version of the Open Standard for Data Documentation

Minneapolis, MN January 31, 2013

Colectica will review the proposed DDI Lifecycle 3.2 standard and offer feedback to the standard's technical committee. Colectica has committed to implementing the new version of the XML based DDI Lifecycle metadata standard for data documentation when it is released.

Colectica, a trusted leader in metadata management and data documentation, today announced a review of the upcoming DDI 3.2 open standard for data documentation. The data documentation standard is a metadata specification used to document data collection and statistical datasets in a machine actionable way. DDI 3.2 has been under development for over 3 years, and members of the Colectica staff participate in the standard's technical committee.

"We are excited for the new version of the Data Documentation standard" said Dan Smith, a Partner at Colectica. "DDI 3.2 carries over the great content from version 3.1, and also makes the technical implementation in software easier and more precise."

The future road map for the DDI beyond 3.2 includes a new UML data model and English model descriptions as the canonical version. The model will be expressed in XML Schema, RDF/OWL, and implemented in Colectica’s software development kit. Colectica hopes the new data model will make it easier to interact with other standards and software systems from other vendors.

Colectica version 4, which was released in October 2012, supports the current 3.1 version of the Data Documentation Initiative’s Lifecycle metadata standard. Colectica consists of several software tools. Colectica Designer enables documenting of survey methodologies, survey instruments, questions, variables, and datasets. Colectica Repository manages changes to the documentation and allows multiple people and groups to work together. Colectica Portal allows for publication of this documentation on the web. All of these products use Open Standards to allow for interoperability with other tools. Colectica products, training on Open Standards, and customized software solutions are available through

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