Colectica Releases Open Source Tool for the Data Documentation Initiative's Metadata Schema Development Efforts

Minneapolis, MN August 31, 2013

The Data Documentation Initiative will soon be releasing version 3.2 of its DDI metadata standard for statistical data. Colectica has created and released an Open Source tool to detect inconsistencies in the XML schemas of the developing DDI 3.2 metadata format.

Colectica is pleased to announce the release of a new software tool to perform consistency checks on the developing DDI 3.2 metadata standard. Colectica staff members have been working with the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) for several years in drafting the updated version of the standard. Their work on the DDI Technical Committee has directly influenced the tools development.

A main focus on version 3.2 is consistency and usability, and the DDI Technical Committee came up with a list of design and content guidelines to ensure this. The new tool performs automated checks against the XML schema to ensure these guidelines are followed. In addition to checking the structures in the schema, the tool also does a spell checking of all elements, attributes, and inline documentation to make sure that the released DDI standard has a professional feel.

"This focus on consistency should allow users and developers to more quickly adopt DDI Lifecycle" said Dan Smith, a Partner at Colectica. He continued "all the content areas of the standard are now programmatically usable in structurally similar ways."

This focus on consistency should allow users and developers to more quickly adopt DDI Lifecycle

Dan Smith, Partner at Colectica

The new tool, called DDI Schema Checks, is available for free download on GitHub. The source code has been licensed under the Open Source GNU Lesser General Public License and is also available.

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