Colectica in Lausanne for the 2017 European DDI Users Conference

Colectica will give five presentations and a workshop about DDI-Lifecycle metadata software in Lausanne, Switzerland December 5th to 8th for EDDI 2016.

Colectica is pleased to announce that its staff were selected to give several presentations at the upcoming European DDI Users Conference (EDDI) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Each year, Colectica sends representatives to the EDDI conference to share ideas and consult with other users of standardized data documentation. This year, Colectica staff will present five papers and teach a whole day workshop.

"We are excited to once again be in Europe for the EDDI conference" said Dan Smith, a Partner at Colectica. "We always enjoy exchanging ideas and experiences with other people who are excited about Data Documentation."

We always enjoy exchanging ideas and experiences with other people who are excited about Data Documentation

Dan Smith, Partner at Colectica

A paper titled "Blaise & Colectica - Progress Update" will be presented and will highlight Colectica and Statistics Netherlands announced long term partnership to build software linking Blaise, Colectica, and the DDI Lifecycle standard.

Another paper titled "How to Document Common Data Elements using DDI and Colectica" will also be presented. This presentation will explore the mapping among data elements as used in DDI GSIM, and ISO/IEC 11979. It will also demonstrate the use of Colectica to create and publish common data elements using DDI.

In addition, three papers titled "A Model Based Approach for DDI Lifecycle 3.x Documentation", "C2Metadata project", and "A DDI-driven Conference Evaluation Research Project" will also be presented.

Colectica will also host a workshop "Document Questionnaires and Datasets with DDI: A Hands-On Introduction with Colectica". This workshop offers a hands-on, practical approach to getting started with data documentation standards like DDI. It starts with a high-level overview of statistical metadata the DDI content model, and then teaches how to create metadata in the DDI format. Participants will also learn how to publish rich metadata in multiple formats.

If you would like to try Colectica free of charge please request a Free evaluation. Colectica consists of several software tools. Colectica Designer enables documenting of survey methodologies, survey instruments, questions, variables, and datasets. Colectica Repository manages changes to the documentation and allows multiple people and groups to work together. Colectica Portal allows for publication of this documentation on the web. All of these products use Open Standards to allow for interoperability with other tools. Colectica products, training on Open Standards, and customized software solutions are available through .

About Colectica

Launched in 2010, Colectica® is the fastest way to design, document, and publish statistical research using open data standards. The Colectica Platform is an ideal solution for statistical agencies, survey research groups, public opinion research, data archivists, and other data centric collection operations that are looking to increase the expressiveness and longevity of the data collected through standards based metadata documentation. The company offers a range of highly specific products and services designed to give power to people through easy integration and access to data.


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