Colectica Workflow Services Now Available on Oracle Databases

Minneapolis, MN September 30, 2013

Colectica Workflow Services, the leading enterprise solution for ISO 11179 metadata repository and registry replication, adds a new supported database platform. Oracle users can now manage creation, filtering, and publishing open standards based metadata using Colectica Workflow Services.

Colectica, a trusted leader in metadata management and data documentation, today announced support for Oracle Databases for Colectica Workflow Services. Colectica Workflow Services allows customers to manage sensitive metadata internally and publish filtered content externally using publication filters, multiple repositories, approvals, user access controls, and user requests and assignments. This series of publication steps allows both an internal and external view for sensitive metadata.

Colectica Repository has had Oracle support since 2012. Able to scale both out and up, Colectica Repository’s flexible and high-throughput architecture can run both distributed and memory-intensive metadata registry operations against an Oracle database. Colectica Repository efficiently scales-out when multiple clients or Colectica Portal users demand blazing fast response times, making it an ideal platform for managing ISO 11179 conforming metadata registries in enterprise environments. The new support for Workflow Services brings the final pieces of the Colectica platform to the Oracle database, and enables multiple lenses through which to view public and internal metadata.

“Colectica Workflow Services provides a needed publication process for our client's metadata production needs and is conformant to ISO 11179,” said Dan Smith, a Partner at Colectica. “We are happy to now support Oracle in Workflow Services to allow our customers greater choice when deploying their Colectica metadata registries.”

Colectica Workflow Services provides a publication process for metadata production.

Oracle support in Workflow Services is available in the upcoming Colectica 4.2 maintenance release, scheduled for the fall of 2013. Community Technology Previews of the new release of Colectica are available to current customers and evaluators. In addition to the new support for Oracle, Colectica Repository and Workflow Services support Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL for deployment and additionally SQLite for test and development.

Additional software tools from Colectica enable documenting of data, data collection, variables, and datasets. Colectica Repository manages changes to the recorded metadata information and allows multiple people and groups to work together on a shared central system. Colectica Portal allows for publication of this recorded information on the intranet or web. All of these products use Open Standards to allow for interoperability with other tools. Colectica products, training on Open Standards, and customized software solutions are available through

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