Colectica Announces Support for REDCap Survey Import and Export Using DDI Lifecycle Metadata

Minneapolis, MN May 31, 2013

Colectica has mapped the DDI Lifecycle metadata standard's questionnaire descriptions to the REDCap Data Dictionary format. This mapping enables complex surveys designed in DDI version 3 to be automatically converted into a format for REDCap surveys.

Colectica today announced that its Colectica Designer metadata software now supports interoperability with the REDCap system for online surveys. The Colectica Designer software allows for two way interoperability between the REDCap data dictionary format and the DDI 3 Lifecycle standard on which Colectica is based.

The DDI Lifecycle format allows researchers to document and version individual questions, codelists, variables, branching logic, and datasets that compose a questionnaire. This detailed management allows for provenance tracking and reuse across survey instruments, enabling greater harmonization possibilities.

"We are happy to add REDCap import and export to Colectica Designer's survey specification and creation feature" said Dan Smith, a partner at Colectica. "Generating a REDCap data dictionary from a standards based repository allows for greater accuracy and transparency of the resulting data."

Generating a REDCap data dictionary from Colectica allows for greater accuracy and transparency

Dan Smith, Partner at Colectica

The REDCap data dictionary import and export is now available in the current Colectica 4.2 beta. Current customers and evaluators are free to download it from the Colectica web site to try out the additional REDCap interoperability feature.

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