Colectica To Develop Data Curation Software With Yale ISPS and Innovations for Poverty Action

Colectica will be developing an open source data curation software package to manage the data intake, cleaning, and publication processes that occur in data archives.

Colectica is partnering with the Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) at Yale University and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) to develop a repository for research data from randomized controlled trials in the social sciences. The repository will be an expansion – and major upgrade – of the existing ISPS Data Archive. The main objective of this project is the technical integration of the various curation processes with inventory management, metadata workflow, and Web access.

"DDI 3.2 Lifecycle allows precise description of curation and data archival operations over time," said Jeremy Iverson, a partner at Colectica. "We are pleased to be working with ISPS and IPA on this exciting project."

We are pleased to be working with ISPS and IPA on this exciting project.

Jeremy Iverson, Partner at Colectica

Colectica and the partners will develop a software platform that allows archives to leverage the DDI 3.2 standard for data documentation and to structure the curation workflow, which includes checking data for confidentiality and completeness, creating preservation formats, and reviewing and verifying code. The new integrated system will combine several open source and off-the-shelf components with a new, web-based ISPS-IPA Data Pipeline application, and will enable a seamless framework for collecting, processing, archiving, and publishing data. Primary beneficiaries will be the research community at ISPS, IPA, and beyond as the repository enables open access to data resources that have been fully reviewed and enhanced for long term usability and analysis.

Colectica and University representatives will be in Vancouver, Canada the first week of April to share more information about the system at the 2nd Annual North American Data Documentation Initiative User Conference. A presentation about the open source data curation application will be given to attendees.

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