Colectica 2020 Roadmap Released

Exciting new products and standards-based initiatives are coming this year.

Colectica 2020 Roadmap

It was a great year for Colectica and open metadata standards in 2019. We are planning many amazing things in 2020, here is what we are working on for this coming year!

Colectica version 6 Already In Preview

Colectica version 6 is already in preview, and is based on the upcoming DDI Lifecycle 3.3 standard for data documentation.

DDI 3.3 support Already In Preview

DDI Lifecycle 3.3 is in final review, and Colectica is ready with its 3.3 implementation. Conversions between DDI 3.2 and 3.3 are completely handled by the software.

Colectica version 7 Cross Platform

Colectica Repository and Portal are coming to Linux! This will enable Docker and Kubernetes orchestration for larger deployments, and simplify some installation and upgrade scenarios. Colectica Repository and Colectica Portal are also being combined into a single server platform, to simplify administration of the server side Colectica products.

In addition to the new features and product updates above, Colectica is developing several new tools to help larger organizations and individual users specify their questionnaires and data using open standards.


Additional metadata standards are coming to Colectica! Colectica's new tools are adding support for the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) from the WC3. Support for the DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe and the Statistical DCAT Application Profile (StatDCAT-AP) to support the European official statistics community will also be featured.

Colectica Question Bank

Colectica Question Bank is a web application which allows users to author questions and sequences of questions with a simple, web-based interface. Users can arrange questions into topical areas, add custom metadata, indicate how response data appears in resulting datasets, and see surveys in which questions have been used.

Colectica Question Bank will be presented at IBUC 2020, hosted by The Statistical Service of Cyprus (CYSTAT) in Limassol, Cyprus from November 3rd to 5th, 2020. IBUC 2020

Blaise Colectica Questionnaires New Features

Blaise Colectica Questionnaires is being updated to simplify dynamic text creation and to connect to the new Colectica Question Bank, to allow topical management of questions and code lists within an organization's metadata repository.

Colectica Online

Colectica Online is a DDI-based web application for describing studies and datasets, with a focus on repeated, cross sectional and longitudinal studies. The data distribution of Colectica Online will include simple aggregations and combining data extracts of related datasets.

Colectica Classifications

Colectica Classifications is a DDI-based web application which allows the creation and management of Statistical Classifications and their variants using the UNECE GSIM standard and DDI.

Colectica Publications

Colectica Publications is a DDI-based web application which allows linking of published papers, articles, documents, and web pages with datasets and variables from which they are sourced.

All of these products use open Standards to allow for interoperability with other tools. Colectica products, training on open Standards, documentation, and customized software solutions are available through .

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