International Colectica User Conference(ICUC) 2015

ICUC 2015Co-located with EDDI

International Colectica User Conference (ICUC)

Hosted by Statistics Denmark

December 4th, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

What is ICUC 2015?

Statistics Denmark and Colectica will host a users meeting featuring a day of DDI and Colectica related discussion focusing on practical approaches to DDI metadata management, innovative research, successful implementations and lessons learned, and Colectica extensions and tools developed by and for the community.

What is ICUC 2015 Theme?

The theme for 2015 is Colectica and DDI in Official Statistics

Who should attend?

The program targets statistical agencies, data producers, managers, and users who are interested in either DDI, recent DDI implementations, or Colectica tools.


ICUC is co-located with the annual European Data Documentation conference.
This provides four days of exciting content around the DDI metadata standard!

December 2015 - Conference Days
DDI Training


ICUC 2015


ICUC 2015 will take place at
Royal School of Library and Information Science
University of Copenhagen
Birketinget 6, DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7K, DK-9220 Aalborg Øst


Registration is now available as an option when you register for EDDI 2015. Registration is 225.00 DKK, or about €30 or $34.

If you would like to attend ICUC without attending EDDI 2015, please contact us and we can make arrangements with the conference hosts.